OUR STORY – The Pure Prana Brand


Prana means ‘breath’ in Sanskrit and describes the universal energy that flows through the body as a life force. Without prana energy, we cannot thrive. We believe our alternative bedding promotes the purity of the prana spirit. We help customers find deep, comfortable sleep with breathable linens—helping them thrive as individuals. We also support sustainable practices that ensure humanity, as a collective, can thrive for many years to come.
When we began our journey in textiles, we saw a fundamental flaw with how so many retailers made their products. They sourced from unethical producers and used chemical-laden, unsustainable raw materials. They also made their products of poor quality. The materials were created to rip, tear and fall apart quickly, so they would end up in landfills, forcing customers to keep buying more. In a nutshell, we saw a system that favoured money and quantity over quality and care.

With passion in our hearts and a strong belief that most educated consumers want to make better purchasing decisions for the health of our planet, we set out to become the most trusted purveyor of sustainably sourced and responsibly produced home goods and textiles on the market. Our bamboo bedding is made to last, while also providing customers with a luxurious and refreshing sleeping experience.
As global citizens, good stewardship of the earth requires us to consider how our purchases impact our immediate future and generations to come. Our brand promise is to support sustainable decisions and eco-conscious practices, providing products you can trust for their quality and integrity.
Sleep well and save the world, one sheet at a time.