FAQs – The Pure Prana Brand




Are your sheets mixed with other materials?

 Yes. All of our linens are made with bamboo viscose  These fibres are specially woven at the highest thread count (300), to create a luxurious, soft and breathable sleeping experience.


Why is bamboo cooler than cotton?


Cotton naturally retains heat whereas bamboo does not. Our special weaving process also ensures better breathability and circulation, so your sheets feel silky soft, cool to the touch and naturally moisture-wicking.


 How are your products sustainable?



We like to say that bamboo is the material of the future. It is one of the fastest-growing and fastest-regenerating grasses on the planet, and when compared to cotton and other raw materials, requires far fewer resources to maintain. Its carbon impact is low and cultivation practices better, meaning that both its surrounding ecosystems and farmers are treated well. 



What makes your sheets softer and more durable?


Believe it or not, bamboo fibers are softer than cotton fibers. In fact, they are two times softer than silk. Cotton is naturally scratchy, and even when woven to a high thread count, is prone to pilling and tearing. Bamboo threads, like their raw material, are much stronger, softer and more durable. With our patented Exact Fit (TM) technology, our sheets also maintain a perfect, sleek fit every time you use them. They are made to last a long, long time, because our goal is to not have them end up in landfills.



 Are there other benefits of switching from cotton sheets to bamboo?


Tons. Unless you are using organic cotton, chances are your cotton fibres are laden with pesticides. Bamboo is naturally one of the most anti-bacterial raw materials out there and is resistant to moisture, mould and bacteria—requiring none of the pesticides that cotton requires. It’s also naturally water-resistant, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic—making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. This means your sheets are also anti-bacterial, staying clean, dry, airy and fresh, every time you use them.