April 19, 2021 Press Release – The Pure Prana Brand
April 19, 2021 Press Release

April 19, 2021 Press Release

For Immediate Release

19 April 2021

Contact: JoAnne Watkins
Chief Marketing Officer


Detroit Veteranprenuer Takes on Climate Change and Sleep Wellness One Sheet Set at a Time

Detroit, MI — Veteran and entrepreneur JoAnne Watkins is on a mission to improve our sleep and sustainability practices with her cotton alternative bedding company, Pure Prana. As the Global Bed and Bath Linen Industry continues to expand reaching market valuation an of $73.5 billion by 2025, there has been a steady rise in textile waste. Today, textile wasted produced in our homes and industries like hospitality and healthcare make up 7.7 percent of all landfill waste. The bulk of this waste is cotton which emitting harmful chemicals and additives into our atmosphere.

Pure Prana promotes a cleaner way of living with the promise of a better night’s sleep. Their latest bedding collection features bamboo sheet sets and comforters. All of which are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. This hypo-allergenic line helps you fall asleep faster by creating a sleep environment that is specifically tailored to you. Bamboo fibers contract and expand to cool or retain body heat helping you reach your optimal sleep state. While these ultra-silky, moisture resistant products could run you upwards of $250 - $300 per set Pure Prana prices start at just $79.

As the world shifts toward more intentional buying practices, reconsider how your sleep has a significant impact on the world and your health. In an effort to help conscious consumers in making healthier choices Pure Prana is leading the way with sustainable home textiles giving new meaning to ‘purposeful sleep’.

For more information on Pure Prana, visit their website at www.thepurepranabrand.com/aboutus and be sure to follow the good for you, better for all brand on their social media platforms to get updates and stay educated on the ways to help make a difference in your sleep habits.

About Pure Prana

Prana means ‘breath’ in Sanskrit and describes the universal energy that flows through the body as a life force. Without prana energy, we cannot thrive. We believe our alternative bedding promotes the purity of the prana spirit. We help customers find deep, comfortable sleep with breathable linens—helping them thrive as individuals. We also support sustainable practices that ensure humanity, as a collective, can thrive for many years to come.

When we began our journey in textiles, we saw a fundamental flaw with how so many retailers made their products. They sourced from unethical producers and used chemicalladen, unsustainable raw materials. They also made their products of poor quality. The materials were created to rip, tear and fall apart quickly, so they would end up in landfills, forcing customers to keep buying more. In a nutshell, we saw a system that favored money and quantity over quality and care. Always responsibly sourced and sustainably produced.