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Cotton Alternative Bedding

Good for you, better for all, best for earth.

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The Pure Prana Brand

Bamboo Is better

2x Softer Than Cotton

Bamboo is luxe. Bamboo is soft. Bamboo is sustainable. Softer and more eco-friendly than cotton, our 100% bamboo linens are creating a better world.

No Icky Chemicals

Relax in Flax

French linen is naturally anti-bacterial, breathable, and hypo-allergenic. Pure fibres and high thread-counts make our linens feel airy fresh every time.

Discover Your Best Sleep Ever

Sleep On It

Just as cozy as cotton yet softer than silk our line of susatinable linens might be the best you ever had.

Exact Fit Technology

Perfect Fit

Exact fit for crisp, clean fit on corners. Including exclusive weave designed softer, stronger, and more temperature regulating linens.

The Safest Bedding Around


Anti-microbial linen that works to prevent the growth of fungus, pollen and oher allergens. Perfect for senstive skin, hair or just luxurious sleep.

Planting Trees One Sheet at a Time

Pure Prana + One Tree Planted

For every purchase, we plant a tree in partnership with the One Tree Planted charity. Trees are essential to the world’s healthy ecosystems, and we’re helping them flourish, one sheet at a time

Discover Your Best Sleep Ever

Bamboo fibers are softer, more durable andsustainable than cotton. Naturally smooth and silky, they wick moisture andcirculate airflow to cool the body. Our premium-tier 300 thread count weave isthe highest available for bamboo, meaning that our sheets are softer than soft.They’ll practically put you to sleep themselves. This is hands down the coolestand most comfortable sleep you’ll ever have.

Bamboo Sheet Set
Bamboo Sheet Set
Bamboo Sheet Set
Bamboo Sheet Set
Bamboo Sheet Set
Bamboo Sheet Set
Bamboo Sheet Set
Bamboo Sheet Set
Bamboo Sheet Set

Bamboo Sheet Set


Stay Cool. Stay Comfortable. Sleep Like a Baby with Luxury Bamboo Bedding.

Our famous bamboo sheets are twice as soft as silk but they breathe like fresh mountain air.

This is luxury bedding that’s better for your body and the earth. Our sheets are made with nothing but 100% pure bamboo fibers that have undergone a specialized weaving process to make them ultra-luxe, ultra-soft and oh-so-breathable. That means you stay cool and comfortable while you sleep. 

No Sweat. No Wear and Tear.

Our bamboo bedding is naturally anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic. Its fibers are also stronger than cotton fibers. 


Pure Prana Perfection

  • 2X Softer Than Silk
  • Moisture Wicking and Breathable
  • Anti-Bacterial and Hypo-allergenic
  • Stronger Than Cotton
  • Exact Fit (TM) Technology—Stays Fitted
  • 300-Thread Count (The Highest for Bamboo)
  • Sustainable and Ethical
  • 18" deep pockets 

Bespoke patterns and colors are available upon request. Contact us at info@thepurepranabrand.com


Our Commitment to Sustainability

We don’t want to see linen in landfills, and we want customers to keep, love and snuggle them for years to come. Tenacious about protecting the earth, we chose cotton alternatives like flax and bamboo because they're the most sustainable and versatile materials on the planet, giving your purchase a low carbon footprint and high ethical impact. That means you getlong-lasting, silkier-than-silk softness and good karma for helping the earth.

See what our customers are saying

Jesse M.

" As a entreprenuer sleep hygine is important to me. There is nothing that could replace a good night's sleep. Pure prana keeps me at the top of my game."

Lonna D.

"We've tried other bamboo linen before trying Pure Prana- I still can't belive this quality. Truly exceptional. Thanks Pure Prana." 

Luisia + Simi P.

"We got our first Pure Prana sheet set as a house warming gift.  After the first night we knew we'd never switch back to cotton sheets." 

Antonio W.

"Since I started sleeping in bamboo linen I haven't had a single sweaty night.  You guys really exceeded my expecation." 

Pure Prana x One Tree Planted

We support reforrestation efforts with every purchase.


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